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Member of the Swedish parliament 2006-2010.

World Health Organization (WHO)
2004-2007, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board at the WHO Office for Investment for Health and Development.

European Union
Co-author of the European Commission's Guidance on work-related stress: Spice of life or kiss of death? Published in five languages.

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Contributed to the preparatory work for the European Declaration on Mental Health in Europe agreed on by the European ministers of health.

Involved in development of the European Commission’s Green Paper ”Improving the mental health of the population: Towards a strategy on mental health for the European Union”.

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Contributed to one of the background documents for the European Social Partners' Framework agreement on work-related stress.
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World Psychiatric Association (WPA)
Founder and Chair (1983 - 2005) of the WPA Section on Occupational Psychiatry. Its Report "Working life and mental health - a challenge to psychiatry" (published in World Psychiatry Vol 4, No 1, February 2005) can be downloaded.

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