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Born in 1930. MB 1953, MD 1959, PhD 1972, Associate Professor of Experimental Psychosomatic Medicine 1972, full professor of Psychosocial Medicine (IPM) 1978 – 1995, Emeritus Professor 1995 - , all at the Karolinska Institute (Medical University of Stockholm), Sweden.

Founder and Director, Division of Stress Research at the Karolinska Institute 1959 - 1995 (designated WHO Collaborating Research and Training Centre 1973); founder and Director, National Swedish Institute for Psychosocial Medicine 1980 - 1995.

Secretary General of the WHO and University of Uppsala sponsored series of international, interdisciplinary symposia 1970 - 78 on "Society, Stress and Disease" (also editing their proceedings, published by the Oxford University Press in five volumes, 1971 - 87).

Member of the WHO Expert Panel on Mental Health 1973 - 97. Temporary advisor/consultant to WHO, ILO, UNICEF 1972 - , European Commission 1993 - .

Before and after his retirement in 1995, he has been active in WHO's, ILO's and EU's programs in this field. His over 300 scientific papers and books in many languages include the European Commission's "Guidance on Work-Related Stress", which forms part of the basis for the ”Framework Agreement on Work-Related Stress”, between the Social Partners in the 27 EU Member States.

Chair, World Psychiatric Association Section of Occupational Psychiatry 1983 - 2005, President, International Stress Management Association 2001 - .

Awarded the Royal Swedish Medal of Merit for "pioneering achievements in the area of stress research" 2002.

Recipient of the "Career Achievement Award" 2006; American Psychological Association (APA) and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), USA, and the Patricia R. Barchas Award (2007); American Psychosomatic Society.

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