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Stressen i våra liv
Stress in our lives - spice of life or kiss of death? Stress is inevitable. It is a pattern of "stone-age" reactions that occurs in response to stressor exposures. It is caused by a poor match between us and our living and working conditions, by conflicts between our roles at work and outside it, and by not having reasonable degree of control over our own work and our own life.

Sometimes the human organism needs to "step on the gas", to "rev up" in order to be able to perform optimally. What needs to be prevented is stress created by continuous over-, under- or malstimulation, in combination with lack of opportunities to take control over the situation, lack of social support, lack of recovery, and a bad fit between effort and reward.

You can read more in "Guidance on work-related stress" published by the European Commission.
Download the Guidance in English